Wedding at Mauritius

Aussschlafen für die Hochzeit

Today was the wedding of Martine and Mohammed. So this was a special day for us, too.  Why in English? Well, this way Mohammed and Pascal do not need to use the Goggle translator. 🙂
Actually this wedding changed a lot in our traveling plans. This was a key reason why we visited the Seychelles. Very nice place to go to and we really liked to visit the islands for 10 days. And we are again at Mauritius for a few days of relaxation. Actually the 6 days here are a nice layed back time in our traveling without changing places etc. So a time to come down a little from all the exitement. I found time to take care of some private things back home.

But actually this is supposed to be about the wedding. Yes… we were excited. Especially Moni did a lot of preparations. Of course we did go shopping. YES, Moni LOVES shopping. So we bought her a dress – small – black. And a pair of nice shoes. And she went for 1 hour (lady our, so it was 2 hours) to the hair dresser to get curles. She loves this as well. I bought a shirt for 10 EUR – 5 min of work – done with my preparations. 🙂

So the tour started. We went to Mohammeds home. He was there with a friend and the neighbours (with the best leechies tree in the world in their garden). The party started at 6 p.m. He was not dressed at 5 p.m. Guess what, we were late at the party. So from there we followed the car of Mohammeds friend – and thought we will never ever find back home. They went zick-zack through the wohle megacity at the highlands of Mauritius (about 1 million living there). We stopped at about 1oo places to pick up people and things. And went on, and on and on. And then we went up to the hill were we actually though the wedding will take place. We went there the day before, looking for a hotel – but did not find one. So we located us at Fic en Flac at the beach, about 20 min. from the expected location. And guess what, the party was at a sports club. We stopped at the sports club the day before, had a leak and got a carrot from the field in front of it and though „This might be the place the wedding will be“.

So we arrived there and about 100 people of the family and friends were there. We were the only internaly black people with a white outside. Actually there was a French guy as well. 🙂 And a Chineese. A very mixed group of people from Mauritius, Nigeria, Ghana, France, Germany …. And amazingly everbody was very friendly and open and we talked to a lot of the guests. We more expected the „what this tourists wants here?“, but we felt very welcome at the wedding. Great.

The wedding started with a ceremony with exchange of the rings. The song „My african queen“. Well, we are in Africa. But guess what, the most parts of the weeding were the same as in Germany. Ceremony, photos, eating, drinking, family meeting and talking, friends chatting around. Lots of dancing on European musik, actually a lot of songs we have at our weddings as well. So it was soooooooooooooooo similar. And why the world is so diverted, when people are sooooooooooooo similar?

The groom arriving at the sports club

The bride arriving with her dad

YES, YES WE CAN. 🙂 The ring ceremony

Happy people - just married

We hope to get the photos of the photographer of Mohammed, so we can post a few here. We did some videos as well, but right now my Windows Explorer crashes always when I try to access them. Very strange, but did happen before with other videos as well. I hope I will find the time soon to edit the videos and put some online here.

Über Timo

Der, der mit Moni rumfährt.
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4 Kommentare zu Wedding at Mauritius

  1. kleineMarie sagt:

    ey…ich woll noch das neue Kleid+Schuhe von Mama sehen=D

  2. Joel Pascal sagt:

    Thank you for caring to post this one in english guys.

  3. Mohammed Buhari Ozegya sagt:

    i love all ya comments bro , just keep being our family , all the effort u and moni put to be their , change of ur traveling plans , stress of renting a car plus place to stay , thanks for all even if i offer u guys to stay in my house and u said NO THANKS , u guys r so great , GOD bless u guys , we will see u guys in the nearest future but dnt really know when

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